Judy Domeny Bowen
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Teacher Workshops

Enhancing Classroom Studies Through Art Activities
Grade level: K - 6
Length: 60-minutes to 2 hours

In this interactive workshop, Judy Domeny Bowen presents imaginative and easy-to-teach art projects and art games that add much interest to the general elementary classroom curriculum. These art activities develop creativity, observation skills, vocabulary, and interest in core subjects. Judy presents many classroom-tested ideas along with a non-messy drawing technique that quells the fear of art in both teachers and students.

Look What I Just Drew! Art Activities Based on Well-Loved Children's Books
Grade Level: K - 3
Length: 60-minutes to 3-hours

Don't you just love sharing children's books with your students? Such marvelous stories! Such beautiful illustrations! Now you can extend the literary experience with marvelous art activities that are inspired by well-known children's books. Feeling artistically-challenged? No problem! Judy introduces very classroom -friendly ideas you will enjoy doing yourself--and definitely will look forward to teaching. Explore a story artistically, build students' self-confidence, and open the doors to creativity with Judy's classroom-tested art activities.

The ART of Science
Grade Level: K - 3
Length: 60-minutes to 3 hours

Enliven and enrich your science units with classroom friendly art activities. Art makes science connections come alive for students as well as increases factual memory retention and brings a whole lot of fun into your classroom. View lots of incredible science-oriented art projects plus participate in art activities you will love! Feeling artistically challenged? This workshop is designed especially for you!

Enhancing Stories With Music
Grade Level: K - 3
Length: 60-minutes to 2-hours

Music adds an exciting participatory element to storytelling. In addition, research indicates that exposing children to musical rhythms and rhymes increases their reading ability, interpretation, retention, and application of books. This workshop showcases specific elementary level books that feature the use of rhythm and accompanying musical activities. Suggestions include rhythmic repetition of phrases, repetitive choruses that can be sung throughout a book, chants that encourage rhythm and dynamics, and use of simple musical instruments. Even the non-musical teacher will leave this workshop eager to incorporate music in his or her classroom.