Judy Domeny Bowen
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Student Assemblies
Traditional Folksongs for Children

I enjoyed your show. It was VEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRY GOOD!

Oh, Pioneer!
Grades K – 2
Length: 30 – 45 minutes
This program features Judy Domeny Bowen playing guitar, banjo, and mountain dulcimer and singing traditional folk songs. Pioneer life is portrayed through sing-a-long songs, storytelling songs, animal songs, displayed figurines and presenter comments. Students will learn about pioneer heritage as they enjoy singing along on a variety of silly and serious storytelling folk songs.

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, or Do Without
Grades 3 – 6
Length: 45 – 60 minutes
This presentation by Judy Domeny Bowen is chock full of information about America’s early pioneers. Based on the old saying “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without,” Judy displays and discusses animal skulls and hides, quilts, a washboard, children’s toys, products made from antlers and corn, patterned feed sacks and more. Judy intersperses traditional American folksongs throughout the presentation, accompanying herself on the mountain dulcimer, banjo, and guitar. If time allows, Judy teaches the children how to play the spoons, the limberjacks, and leads them in a simple folk dance.

Animals All Around Us
Grades K – 6
Length: 30 – 45-minutes
One day the Old Gray Mare was Going To The Zoo and saw that Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly. Well, you can believe she ran Over In The Meadow to Go Tell Aunt Rhody! Bring your imaginary guitar and join in musical fun with folk singer Judy Domeny Bowen. Sing and strum along on favorite old-timey animal songs and learn some most amazing animal facts!

What folks are saying…

I loved the spoons the best or maybe the banjo or the Jump Jim Joe dance—I’m not really sure what I loved best because I loved it all!

Your programs are always so upbeat and fun and we all—children and adults—have a great time!

Thank you for sharing your incredible music-filled program with our Midtown crowd. Everybody had a truly wonderful time!