Judy Domeny Bowen
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Judy Domeny Bowen performs a variety of story-telling songs. Her repertoire includes traditional Ozark ballads and folksongs, contemporary folk and farm songs, and original songs written especially for teachers. Accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, and occasionally a banjo or mountain dulcimer, Judy sings with great clarity, warmth, good humor, and spontaneity!

Judy grew up on a farm near Rogersville, Missouri. The fourth of five children, Judy learned early how to weed gardens, pick up rocks from the fields, stack wood, and haul hay. To entertain herself while she worked, she sang folk songs. She sang of broken hearted Barbara Allen, English kings and queens, cowboys and Indians. She sang of Civil War battles, sailing ships, train wrecks, and murders. She sang to her pony on long trail rides and to the cows as she helped pen them. Fascinated by the stories within the songs, she developed a repertoire of hundreds of Ozark folk songs.

The majority of Judy’s traditional folksong repertoire comes from the Ozark song collections of Max Hunter and Vance Randolph. Some of the songs date back to fourteenth century England, but most of her selections date from the early 1800s to the early 1900s.

More recently, Judy has been writing and performing songs about life as a schoolteacher. Judy teaches elementary art part-time at Logan-Rogersville Primary School near Rogersville, Missouri. Having taught for over 20 years, Judy knows first-hand the importance of teachers in children’s lives. She knows well the pressures teachers face daily. Judy’s songs of happy snow days, dreaded faculty meetings, first day of school jitters, and the hope that springs eternal in the heart of every educator are honest, entertaining, funny, and motivational. Her Teacher Therapy presentations have been phenomenally well received at educational conferences and K-12 teacher inservices.

Judy also enjoys performing songs about life on her rocky Ozark farm. When presenting her farm programs, audience members are privy to hearing stories of Judy’s beloved goats, horses, border collie dogs, and other farm animals. Judy’s songs and stories about gardening, cutting wood, auctions, milking cows, and buying expensive equipment strike a chord with anyone who has ever experienced rural living. A professional auctioneer who has sold a lot of farm sales, Judy shares special insight into that fascinating profession.

Judy and her husband, David, still live on the Domeny family farm. Judy continues to sing while doing her chores!